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This is an era of financial repression, where Government keeps interest rates below inflation. The result is that the prudent saver is called upon to bail out the reckless borrower. There are clear winners and losers. This book is about how to invest in order to protect wealth. Traditional equity investments have not performed well. This book is about the alternative investments that have, and will continue to do so. It is for institutional portfolio managers, billionaire investors and anyone with savings as well as anyone curious about why conventional economics has got it wrong - again.

Silver. Wine. Art. Gold. SWAG assets that share a similar asset DNA. Assets that have risen in price materially over the last decade notwithstanding the bursting of the internet bubble, the subsequent recession, the credit crisis, the deepest recession in living memory and now the European sovereign debt crisis. Every investor needs to explore the benefits of having some SWAG assets as a part of their savings.