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"The idea that a unique confluence of economic fault lines are coming together at the same time to create a form of “Economic Cascadia” is one that should make this book a must-read for anyone interested in the economic outlook, investments, society at large and capitalism in general."

Louis Bacon, Founder Moore Capital Management

“With Joe Roseman, one needs to expect the unexpected.  Not only does he think outside the box, at times there is no box. This is the power of Joe Roseman.”

Elaine Crocker, President, Moore Capital Management

"In SWAG, Roseman provides a meticulous, yet mesmerising guide to the current economic landscape providing clear signposts as to how to navigate its treacherous topography. There is something for everyone: from the billionaire whizkids (with whom Roseman earned his stripes) to the amateur investor who wants to secure a nest-egg for retirement. If you want to make money, or failing that, hang on to what you've got, this book is the one of the best investments you can make."

Professor Kevin Dutton, Author; Flipnosis

"Joe Roseman is contrarian without setting out to be, but has that rare skill of interpreting events not based on his own prejudices and biases, but on the evidence in front of him. His writing is amongst the most memorable and insightful I have read in over 25 years of looking at financial markets."

Lawrence Gosling, Editorial Director, Investment Week

"Joe’s treatment of the journey which took us through the cult of the equity to the collapse of the financial system is as insightful as it is playful. Yet an appreciation of how we got here only takes us so far. The more pressing concern is how to efficiently and robustly protect ourselves from the worst of what might lie ahead. I can think of no one better to illustrate that distinction than Joe Roseman, not only a successful speculator over the years but a truly unique thinker."

Dylan Grice, Societé Generalé, Extel Ranked No.1 Strategist

"In this most difficult and dangerous of times, Roseman's SWAG approach shows you clearly and cleverly how to protect, preserve and enhance your wealth. His foresight, innovation and disciplined approach have proven him right so many times in the past - most recently in calling the 2008 housing crash - that one must take his warnings and advice seriously. Forewarned is forearmed!"

Marc Cheval, Hedge Fund manager

"Always insightful and provocative, Joe Roseman blends analysis with experience to explore the implications of the most extreme monetary policy the world has ever seen."

David Waddill, Hedge Fund manager, Moore Capital Management